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Deer Hunter's Weather Station


Get the edge this hunting season with the Deer Hunters' Weather Station. This hand held, wireless weather station tells you optimal activity times of deer and elk for the best time to hunt!

With the help of seasoned hunters, wildlife scientists have documented deer and elk daily activity patterns based on the animals’ hormonal factors and weather information. These variables have been combined into a single algorithm in the Deer Hunter’s Weather Station to determine the best times to hunt. This specialty weather station is a great gift idea for deer or elk hunters!


  • Current deer/elk hunting forecast
  • 4-hr future forecast
  • 45-yr hunting forecast based on future sun / moon info
  • Sunrise/sunset times & moon phase/position
  • Accurate 12- to 24-hour weather forecasts
  • 16-hr barometric pressure history bar graph
  • Severe weather audio alarm
  • Backlit display
  • Electronic compass
  • Altitude to 9000 M

  • Specifications
  • ACCURACY: Altitude +/-7M; Barometric Pressure +/-.025 inHg; Compass +/-5; Sunrise/set +/-4 mins; Temperature +/-2F
  • RANGES: Altitude -700-9000M; Barometric Pressure 300-1100 hpa; Temperature -4-158F
  • RESPONSE TIMES: Altitude 1 sec; Barometric Pressure 15 mins; Compass 1 sec; Temperature 10 secs
  • OPTIONAL UNITS: M or Ft; inHg or hpa (millibars); F or C
  • POWER (2) Cr2032 Lithium batteries (included)
  • MEASURES: 4.5" x 2.5" x 7.5:
  • WEIGHS: 3.6 oz with batteries




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